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Product Development

that brings your idea

to Reality

A Design Engineering Firm

Yuro Product Development 

Here at Yuro,
step by step we bring your idea to reality

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Our Advantages

Diverse capabilities under one umbrella

3d printing in progress.jpg

Inhouse Fabrication Lab

For Faster Prototyping and Product Iterations at the shortest time possible

Designer draws a mockup for crafting cardboard box. Development of packaging design sketch

Designers on Board

We have a good relationship and

connection to diverse set of Designers.

They help refine your idea into a usable

presentable concept that can be use to
find investors and partners to further
develop your product.

Makers and Engineers

They convert your idea into a feasible
and working prototype/design.

We simulate, analyze and calculate

every steps needed to develop your

idea into a working solution

 Key Expertise

we create real life solutions.


Designs Created


Products Prototyped


Countries World Wide


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